The Race for Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon

The race for the next James Bond has yet to be announced, but House of the Dragon promises to draw attention to the big question of the coming months: who will play Cregan Stark?

In the first season of Game of Thrones, the presence of Sean Bean as Ned Stark was essential to strengthen the cast, but in House of the Dragon, the Starks do not have the same prominence, although they are important. Especially in season 2, which shooting is estimated to start in 4 or 5 months, around March or April 2023.

The Internet has already started with several rumors. While Rhaenyra has warned that Cregan is younger than her and closer to Jacaerys, fans aren’t looking at the age group and dreaming up a number of actors they want in the GOT and HOTD universe.

Shall we go to the quotes?

Henry Cavill

If there’s a list, Henry Cavill’s name is on it. Be it James Bond or Cregan Stark. And we already know that if he were a Targaryen he would look good in a blonde wig (thanks to The Witcher). But close to 40 years old, it is difficult for Rhaenyra to miss the age of the Warden of the North so much, which must be in the 25-year range. Too bad, no?

Travis Fimmell

With Vikings being produced in the shadow of Game of Thrones – almost literally – (both series filmed simultaneously in the same studio in Ireland) – fans have long wanted the Australian actor to tour Westeros. Unfortunately, he has the same age challenge as Henry Cavill at 38 years old and somewhat older than Cregan Stark, which regretfully could exclude him.

Robert Aramayo

At the age of 29, Robert Aramayo would have one more advantage in the role: he was successful with a cameo playing Ned Stark as a young man. The problem is that he already is committed to Rings of Power and there are conflicting shooting schedules. But the name should be on the list, even as a tribute.

Sebastian Croft

The 20-year-old British actor, Sebastian Croft, has been mentioned as a possibility in the role, but maybe he’s too young? He has another advantage: he has already played Nerd Stark (even younger than Robert Aramayo). He would already be at home!

Jordan Patrick Smith

Another Vikings alumni, the 33-year-old Australian Jordan Patrick Smith was successful as Ubbe Lothbrok and would be fit for the action and command scenes that Lord Stark must star in, and reasonably age-aligned.

Alexander Dreymon

The Last Kingdom‘s lead actor could have a chance, after all, two other names in the series are in House of the Dragon, including Ewan Mitchell (Aemond) and Phia Saban (Helaena). Will it be? The German actor’s problem is the same as the others: at 39, he would be a little above his age group.

Finn Cole

The Peaky Blinders actor is 26 years old, which would give him a bigger lead than the other names on the list if you think that currently the age challenge is what is excluding many fan favorites. Plus he is undoubtedly talented and could become a wild card in the poll.

Jack Lowden

Olivia Cooke‘s partner in Slow Horses, with a stint in the cinema in Dunkirk, alongside another actor from House of the Dragon, Tom Glynn-Carney. At 32, he can pass as younger, and he would be a good name!

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo

And let’s not forget another Viking, but with the “correct” age group: Ferdia made an excellent King Alfred in the History series. At 23, he practically screams to be chosen. Right?

Let’s follow the bets!


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