Grogu’s first words

It took three and a half seasons to find an alternative for Grogu to utter his first understandable words. More so, the ability to fight and walk with greater agility. And what a surprise, it translates our reaction throughout the episode: yes, yes, yes! No, no, no!

Yeah, The Mandalorian is a success, but also the target of a lot of criticism because of a niche and confusing narrative. Starting with the role. If the Mandalorian is Grogu then that’s relatively ok, but this season it’s sort of a Bo-Katan’s book. Din Djarin’s arc was defined in the second episode, and since then he’s had a connection with the princess and that’s it. Even Grogu is already comfortable traveling on her lap and challenging Din (when he gains voice and arm, being the compulsory sweet tooth).

It’s fun, but in the penultimate episode (which had already leaked to the Internet) Moph Gideon returns – elegant and arrogant as ever – questioning the legitimacy of Thrawn’s command, which has strength. We expected more, much more. In the words of Grogu: “No! No!”


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