The real surprise is that the absurdities of Florida Man are inspired by reality

The proposal of the series The Florida Man, from Netflix, is not to innovate. With the classic film noir narrative, but the 1980s versions, it’s a story about a hit within a hit that is another hit. That no one is doing exactly what they say. Thanks to Édgar Ramírez‘s charisma, we deal with clichés without suffering, even though there are many of them.

Ramírez is Mike Valentine, the “Florida man” of the title, an ex-policeman with a lot of problems and a gambling addiction, so much so that he lost his job, and his marriage, and lives on odd jobs in Philadelphia. He’s hired by criminal Moss Yankov (Emory Cohen) to track down his girlfriend, Delly (Abbey Lee), who has fled to – that’s right – Florida, a place Mike abhors above all else. It’s just the beginning of a forbidden romance, a search for hidden treasure, and some reckoning.

To put the joke in context, which only makes sense in English, “Florida Man” refers to a Twitter account with the handle @_FloridaMan, which around 2010 began publishing news headlines with the phrase “Florida Man” in them. They were all absurd crime stories that seemed more like fiction than reality, super weird, and always quoting a “Florida Man” in them. This generated a kind of “entity” in social networks, purely fictional, which is explored here with humor. Some of the more bizarre scenes – including an unusual explosion – are based on true events, for example, where “a man from Florida” was blown up in a public restroom. It’s just one of the examples.

Director Donald Todd pieced together several stories to create Mike Valentine’s adventure. There are seven episodes that tie together in the “surprise” conclusion, and it is a no-compromise fun option to marathon on the weekend. Just getting carried away by the craziness of the real world.


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