Succession follows the roller coaster of emotions

Succession‘s final season timeline is only 10 days. That’s right, all the intense events we’ve seen so far are the worst 24 hours for each of the characters. We see the fragile trio of Roys – Kendall, Shiv, and Roman – traveling to Sweden just one day after their father’s death. Business is business, Logan died on the way to the same trip to close the Waystar sale to Lukas Mattson, owner of GoJo, which both freaks Roman out and pisses off his father. There’s a lot more at stake now, and having a kill list – the title’s Kill List – adds to the pressure.

With the union between them already facing problems, Shiv, Kendall, and Roman will apparently have problems with Lukas, but, by the looks of it, it is Shiv who will be able to establish some dialogue. Now that Kendall and Roman have been named interim co-CEOs and successors to Logan for the time being, let’s find out if they’ll stick to the original plans. Kendall has shown signs of wanting to emulate Logan by going behind the brothers’ backs. Shiv has to deal with the fact that a child will bond her and Tom forever, which is terrifying now that it’s clear who he really is. And he’s fighting for survival because he’s the one to tip-off that there’s a list of employees Matsson plans to lay off after the merger. Ready for more excitement?

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