And Just Like That: Past and Future in Carrie’s Hands

The shooting of the second season of And Just Like That was long, it ended just over two weeks ago, but we already have the announcement that in just over 30 days – in June – we will be back in Manhattan with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker ) and co.

The trailer already anticipates the explanations and hints of what will be at the heart of the series: Che (Sarah Ramirez) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) are still in love and talk about living together. Charlotte (Kristin Davis), is still dealing with the Upper West’s Rich White People’s problems that are VIP lists and irrelevant dramas compared to the universe, perhaps with the exception of having to deal with teenage daughters and figuring out the sex (Lilly says she’s ready to lose her virginity, nearly choking her parents and Anthony).

The new characters brought diversity to the story, but apparently, they don’t gain enough prominence to be explained in detail in the trailer. And Carrie? Well, her season one finale bombshell romance with Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez) is, in Carrie’s words, “just exit out of grief sex,” which will break his heart. It’s okay, as we are well aware he had to go and clear the way for another comeback, that of old flame Aidan Shaw (John Corbett). This is nothing new for those who follow behind the scenes of the series, but it was saved as the trailer’s big reveal. “I’ve learned that some things are better left in the past,” Carrie says, “But maybe not everything.”

The new official photos don’t reveal much, but I like the new single friends and a livelier Carrie. It was heavy to see her suffering for so long when we found her again. It’s time for some positivity!

See the official trailer.


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