The Crown season 6 is under pressure

A little over 30 days ago, I commented here on Miscelana about The Crown‘s challenge to wrap up its narrative under the enormous pressure of the current drama of the British Royal Family. The release of official images of Kate Middleton and Prince William, described as “the future of the Crown”, is rubbing salt into an open and very public wound, thanks to Harry‘s personal mission, which reserves him to “expose his truth”, which for some seems to be a mission that aims to destroy the reputation of his father, stepmother, brother, and sister-in-law, all ahead of him in the order of succession. Harry appears in the series, but not prominently. The sixth season ends with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the beginning of the relationship of the future Prince and Princess of Wales. That is, at the height of their popularity at the time.

Elevating the strategy of his mother, Princess Diana, to a level never imagined before, raising or lowering, it is not easy to clearly identify, what Harry and Meghan Markle effectively achieved was to transform one of the greatest successes in the history of Netflix into a distant content, complex and questionable. Luckily, the series always warned that it would end at least 20 years before current times, lucky – or unlucky – for the showrunner, Peter Morgan.

The sources for the script are now collated. In Season 5, The Crown clearly took Diana’s words, published in Andrew Morton‘s book, ahead of other accounts, even if it wasn’t 100% apathetic towards the criticism of her. The final season started shooting before the publication of Harry’s book, or his reality doc with Meghan, from the same Netflix, so we still don’t know what aspects of his version will be on screen. What do we know for sure? That will upset both sides.

A little over two weeks away from the Coronation of Charles as King, it is to be regretted the long hiatus between seasons and that The Crown had a “longer” life than expected. When it was released, it looked like it would be on the air in time for Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, not after. With the Queen’s death in 2022, the drama that interests the public is precisely the breakup of the brothers that we fancifully imagine being inseparable. The future of the Crown? It seems provocation for new revelations. An exhausting and unexpected real soap opera. Content more curious than any Lilibet dilemma.

The recording ended a week ago, so we can expect a premiere in the second half. Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy are the big bets of the final season as the future Prince and Princess of Wales. Incredible pressure! No premiere date has been confirmed yet, can we hope for the second semester of 2023?


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