The (re)encounter with the Titãs on stage

In a culture that nurtures value in youth and disadvantage in maturity, it makes one think several times before speaking with pride that I saw the original Titãs on stage many times. Even if it’s true. I was a teenager in the 1980s, so being in the audience for the Titãs Encontro – Todos ao Sim Tempo Agora tour, which celebrates the reunion of the original band, was a must. Due to the selected energy, I thought twice, but I went. And it was magical.

The energy of reviewing the band 40 years after it started, happy and in tune, is worth it. With a setlist of hits, it’s easy to trace the genius of the group that always had originality as a propellant. Paulo Miklos, Arnaldo Antunes, Nando Reis, Sérgio Britto, and Branco Mello alternated on lead vocals, accompanied by a packed Jeunesse Arena. Tony Belloto, Charles Gavin, and Liminha held the base. Alice, the daughter of Marcelo Fromer, who died in 2001, after being hit by a car, represented the original Titã in the acoustic part of the show.

It is important to celebrate the music of one of the most relevant bands of national culture. A moment of catharsis and nostalgia and a few hours where time doesn’t matter anymore, just the energy of the songs. Unmissable.

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