In Barry, there are many psychopaths

Barry‘s final stage is about closures, new beginnings, and transformations. Within what the narcissistic universe surrounding our favorite killer, Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) allows. Exactly, not much space.

While Barry escapes prison, he seems to be more at risk on the streets than behind bars. If he pays for his crimes, so does everyone else. If there’s one thing the show is years ahead of any other show right now, it’s the script. Brilliant is the least, surprising is constant. It can be a car that crashes into another car out of the blue, but especially not show where Barry is until the last second and still brings more surprises. Everyone thinks they’ll be first on the mercenary’s list and panic is growing.

Who is not at risk is Fuches, in the obsessive bipolarity that now makes him faithful to Barry, even under torture. He thus achieves the respect and fame he craved. I am so angry with Fuches, who caused chaos in the lives of so many, that I wasn’t even happy for him. And there’s more, he just didn’t betray his godson because he doesn’t actually know the information about his whereabouts.

Gene Cousineau (Henry Wrinkler) is another story. Peacock and self-centered, vain, and anxious, throw away everything he’s achieved – arresting Barry – because he can’t change his nature. In addition to having “betrayed” him, he gave the interview telling everything (but as if he were the main one), precipitating the current tragedy. So the big bet is that HE is the first on the list and with that he is isolated, but where he cannot be tempted to talk to anyone. The problem is that it is precisely where Janice was murdered, so the panic multiplies, causing the unexpected: when he sees a shadow at the door, Gene shoots before asking who it is, hitting his son Leo, who was bringing food.

Noho Hank, who has changed so much, gains even greater depth. He started out dreaming of being the Big Boss, saw himself as cruel but empathetic, and now he’s exactly the monster he needed to be. But at a high price. Because he fears Barry’s revenge for ordering his death, he’s acting even darker. Cristobal doesn’t catch what’s going on until too late. And it’s disturbing and terrifying.

First, Hank cold-bloodedly kills all the men working with them, and Cristobal nearly dies with them. It’s saved, and we think it was Barry (Cristobal included), but it was the Chechens. To make matters worse, it was Hank’s agreement with Batir and Andrei.

Realizing that it will be impossible to ignore the threats, Hank “accepted” the deal to run L.A. with her boyfriend, but Cristobal feels betrayed, even after everything Hank went through to rescue him, losing his innocence in the process. The Bolivians want that Hank that be love and the life that Hank dreamed of. But that Hank, he’s gone. Hank is now a genuine psychopath.

For four seasons Barry has been trying to reset his life of crime, but now Hank also realizes that there is no such thing as ground zero. He tells his boyfriend that he has no choice in regards to “choose to leave”, but Cristobal insists. It is understood that the Bolivian knows perfectly well what is happening: their life together is over, his own life is on borrowed time, and he prefers to leave now. Tragic and sad.

Also realizing the inevitable is Sally. She destroyed her life and her career because of her sick nature, never mind her talent. It’s over. She knows that Barry will come after her and that HE puts her ahead of everything. She, like him, wants to live out the fantasy of a new life, growing old together. Is it a leap in time or a delusion?

I still bet on the tragedy being the end of Barry. Gene and Hank can go on with their lives without him, but Jim, Janice’s father, cannot.

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  1. Peggy Marie disse:

    Isn’t this why we love it so much though! hahahahahah

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