Praying for Jamie Foxx

2023 is off to a busy start for star Jamie Foxx, with multiple projects in the works and filming Netflix’s Back to Action alongside Glenn Close and Cameron Diaz. However, suddenly in early April, the actor was rushed to the hospital for “health complications” and, to this day, remains hospitalized.

Jamie’s family, which has always been notoriously averse to talking about any personal matter, maintains the secrecy of what may have been the reason for the hospitalization, with fake news lying and rolling about the reason on social networks. One claims he had a heart attack after a heated fight and has yet to recover. As friends and relatives only ask for prayers, conspiracy theories grow.

“We wanted to share that my dad Jamie Foxx had a medical complication yesterday. Fortunately, due to quick action and great care, he is already on the way to recovery. We know how much he is loved and we appreciate your prayers. The family requests privacy during this time,” shared his daughter and Beat Shazam co-star Corinne.

A week ago, on the actor’s official account, there was a thank you for the positive vibes, but his recovery remains in doubt, with many not knowing if it was Jamie who posted it, if he asked someone to post it for him or if it was a relative trying to hold back the speculation.

Jamie, who turned 55 in December, is one of the most respected and sought-after actors in Hollywood, having been deservedly awarded for his performance as Ray Charles in the film Ray, in 2005. Versatile and charismatic, he transitions with equal ease through dramas, comedies, or action films, as well as keeping his musical career in parallel.

Born as Eric Marlon Bishop, he adopted the stage name Jamie Foxx, in honor of Redd Foxx. He even studied classical piano at Julliard but exploded on TV in the In Living Color program, leaving dreams of classical concerts behind. He obviously made the transition to the cinema screen and already in 1999, he stole the scene from Al Pacino in the film Any Given Sunday, as the rising football player.

A great imitator and a great actor, Jamie was increasingly in demand until, in 2004 and 2005, he reached his peak. He was twice nominated for an Oscar as a supporting actor for Collateral and Best Actor for Ray, becoming the third black actor to win the award.

Although it’s always nice, talking about personal life was asking to interrupt the interview. Jamie has two daughters, but apart from Corinne who has followed him as an actress and presenter, he doesn’t talk about anyone. He was the target of much gossip for having a relationship with Katie Holmes after she split from Tom Cruise, with whom Jamie worked on Collateral. During the pandemic, he made a rare intimate mention of when he lost his sister, Deondra Dixon, at age 36, who had Down Syndrome and he also starred in Disney’s award-winning animation, Soul.

Jamie Foxx has at least 11 projects in the works, the most anticipated being a Mike Tyson biopic, in which he is expected to play the boxer. Here I leave the support for Jamie to overcome the obstacle that still keeps him hospitalized. There’s a lot more ahead for him. May he recover well soon.


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