Trent Crimm: fashion icon in Ted Lasso

Trent Crimm, The Independent is today one of Ted Lasso‘s most popular characters (carving a deserved space in the locker rooms and even in the Diamond Dogs group), but, above all, he is one of the biggest fashion influencers on social networks.

Always elegant and with a touch of daring (it can be tiger shoes or a scarf or a rock shirt), anticipating how you will be dressed has become a favorite pastime for fans of the series.

Trent, played by James Lance, was an antagonist of Ted through his column in The Independent, however, when Rebecca thought he was going to destroy the coach, it was the other way around, becoming one of the first converts and supporters. In his appearances, even if brief at first, he drew attention for his style: tweed blazers, graphic T-shirts, and white high-top sneakers were perfect with his voluminous dark curls with silver highlights, with the glasses alternating the pen as a hand object while completing his reasoning.

If at the beginning Trent Crimm was the warmer at the press conferences, not shying away from asking difficult questions, he also gave the scoop on the issue of Ted’s mental health, something that made him break the rules of reporter ethics and at the same time give up the career. He is now writing the book on AFC Richmond’s campaign back to the top flight under Ted Lasso. You are witnessing the unfolding of incredible stories, as well as that of Colin (with whom he became friends) as well as all the players.

His discreet, observant, and curious posture represents us in that environment. And in particular, fashion lovers!


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