Jennifer Lopez in The Mother: Don’t Mess With Her Pup

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez‘s status, the vehicles suit her, not the other way around. With The Mother, released obviously on Mother’s Day weekend, it’s more of a case of film to show a badass J-Lo fashion show. She shoots, she seduces, she’s smart, she survives, she loves, she fights and she wins. And it’s pretty much the summary of the Netflix movie.

The Mother is the story of a former American soldier, an excellent marksman, who after returning from Afghanistan devoted herself to a mercenary “career” selling illegal weapons. Suddenly, when she finds herself pregnant, she gains a conscience and rats out the two ex-lovers (one of the two is the father of the child), but obviously, the FBI is unable to ensure her survival and she is forced to give up the child and go hide in a secluded place. Her maternal instinct makes her make a deal: if her daughter is in danger, she comes to save her. Of course, this is what happens 12 years later, forcing the two strangers to live with and learn to trust each other.

Jennifer is beautiful, albeit a restrained actress. Her charisma makes up for it, of course. It’s the rare case of a female star convincingly flawless when she’s in an action movie or romantic comedy. The only problem – apart from the clichés – is that it’s a 1980s-style movie, where the “hero” is a person who regrets his mistakes, is reclusive, and is capable of overcoming an army alone. Not that The Mother has any pretensions to being anything other than what she is.

There’s no depth to any of the characters, villains come and go without explanation and it’s completely cheesy, especially Joseph Fiennes. What was Eddie Falco thinking when she did a blink-of-an-eye cameo? What happened to the enslaved people who were being trafficked by Gael García Bernal? What was the relationship between the FBI agent played by the very hot Omari Hardwick and the girl’s adoptive family? All of this is just a background for a circumspect J-Lo and of EVERYTHING embarrassing I highlight the relationship between the mother and the wolf mother. J-Lo overreacted on this one… still, Happy Mother’s Day!


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