In 2024 we will have several sequels

Here at Miscelana we follow VARIOUS series, not all of them in the return crowd, but some we will have. We will see?

Ginny and Georgia NETFLIX

It’s dramatic, it’s unexpected. The sociopathic mother who will do anything to protect her children, including murder, is arrested for a crime out of the blue… what will happen to her? We will have TWO more seasons to know, which confirms its success on Netflix, which does not invest in long tails. Good news!

The Morning Show APPLE TV PLUS

The series emerged at the moment of #mettoo, exceeded this agenda and now I particularly think it’s pointless. Jennifer Aniston was awarded (also over the top) and Reese Witherspoon is pointless, honestly, this show is really surviving on star power. But we will have one more season… I see no justification.


Were it not for the danger of Shrinking‘s narrative, I would say that the second season will be welcome, but the irresponsibility of the psychologist who overturns all ethics in the profession is dangerous as a message. We ended up with a crime he encouraged. Will you pay the consequences? Doubtful but will have a second try.


The third season will be the last, this has already been announced, but we are ok! Physical is uncomfortable, it’s surprising and there’s even a lot of stuff that will have to be resolved, but 10 episodes are enough to complete the proposal. Good news!

The Diplomat NETFLIX

Tense, complex, and still full of secrets, The Diplomat is not perfect, but it is entertaining and has yet to resolve loose ends. I have conspiracy theories! We will have one more season guaranteed.

Wednesday NETFLIX

One of the biggest hits of 2022, Wednesday from the Addams Family will have another season. I think it’s just a teaser for even more…


Here is an exaggeration. Joe’s story had already been completed in the second season, and the third was already kind of forced, still, it will have the fourth and final season secured by Netflix. Do we care?


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