About Princess Margaret and Mrs. Maisel

The biggest scoop in the 1960s was when officially passing through the United States, the popular Princess Margaret would have surprised everyone by participating in an exclusive interview on a TV network, on The Gordon Ford Show, where she not only paraded jokes and spoke of the life of royalty, as – by request – she presented the program’s Weather Report. A massive success with the audience, she behaved like an experienced professional.

I can’t wait for this scene in The Crown… wait, the Netflix series has already shown Margaret’s trip through the USA where she made news for reasons that made her sister, Queen Elizabeth II shiver, but nothing of an interview alone in a Talk Show. That’s right folks, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel occasionally uses real facts and people, but this surprise appearance on the show came out of the writers’ imagination and wishes. Never happened.

In the episode The Princess and The Plea we glimpse a friendship written in the stars – that of Midge Maisel and Margaret – both with an acidic humor, not necessarily friendly and always biting. If it was possible!

Princess Margaret actually officially traveled to the United States in the period portrayed in the series, but Hedy Gordon would never have been able to score the exclusive, unfortunately. Not back then, but perhaps nowadays…

Still, in her quick passage through The Gordon Ford Show, Margaret does a fun interview, and with the help of Midge’s text, she kills the jokes when reading the Weather Report. This victory for Midge will be vital for the turning point of his career, as we already know.

In real life, Princess Margaret appeared on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, where she chatted with presenter Roy Plomley about her favorite songs and her favorite book. Contrary to what The Crown suggested, what the princess chose was less “pop”: a play on Swan Lake, by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy, as her special reading. She also said that more than jewelry and clothes, her piano was her personal luxury item. Much less fun, right?

The invention of The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel was brilliant, however, in aligning two rebellious and intelligent women in a possibility that never happened. Can we dream of friendship? Can you imagine Midge having tea in Buckingham?


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