Where are we with Vikings? Recap with Spoilers

On December 30th we start our final and definite goodbye to Vikings.

It was shot in 2018, so it’s done. On the 5th Season we saw Ragnar’s sons turn against each other and, on the first half of the 6th, Ivar and Bjorn fighting. Shall we recap before we begin?


The hero and shield maid, Ragnar’s first wife and Bjorn Ironside‘s mother, Lagertha literally saw everything and won many battles. On the 5th Season, she was missing for a good portion of it, after witnessing Bishop Heahmund‘s death. She is found in England by Ubbe and Torvi, who take her back to Kattegat in time to see Bjorn becoming its King.

Lagertha chose exile and going back to farming, as she was when she was married to Ragnar. It wasn’t meant to be. Amongst many of Bjorn‘s wrong choices in not executing Ivar‘s men brought his mother’s injured and his son’s death. Then, she mistakenly crossed path with a delirious Hvitserk. It was her doom.

We last saw Lagertha when she arrives in Valhalla, to meet Ragnar again.


Floki has been missing since we last saw him being buried alive in Iceland. Ubbe is trying to find out what really happened. Does anyone?


Ubbe goes back to see his brother Bjorn defeat Ivar and rule, but, without a real role, he leaves Kattegat to Iceland. He tries to help Hvitserk, but gives up. Now a father, he is determined to find new lands with Torvi, their baby and her daughter.

Torvi is so devastated and guilty for his son’s death that she contemplates sacrificing herself to join Lagertha in Valhalla, but Gunnhild convinces her to live.


Junkie, obsessed and tormented he is fixed on the idea to kill (or get killed by) Ivar. Bjorn doesn’t forgive him for (accidentally) killing Lagertha and is exiled to die.

Howver, Hvitserk is found/finds Ivar and reunites with his kid brother. He turns against Bjorn, not losing sight that he is still destined to end Ivar’s days. Or his, though Ivar’s hands. Meanwhile, he enjoys killing, no matter who.


Harald started last season as the second part of Season 6, a prisoner. In this case, Olaf‘s who wants to make Bjorn King of Norway. However Bjorn again makes a mistake and Harald manipulates the election. He is still jealous of Bjorn and his wives, raping Ingrid. He was last seen hurt and without his crown.

SPOILER ALERT we are aware that he is going to be captive again, and once more will be with Ivar to attack England.


He started being able to get his revenge on Harald only to then become his captive. SPOILER ALERT, Olaf will be burnt alive by Igor, supported by Ivar and Oleg.

Bjorn Ironside

The 6th Season is being hard on Ragnar Lothbrok‘s first born. He tried to be a fair King, but his decisions sort of precipitated his son, Hali‘s, and his mom, Lagertha‘s deaths. Worst of all, although he has the perfect wife in Gunnhild, he falls for Ingrid and marries her too. Gunnhild miscarries their son and Ivar comes with the Rus to attack for revenge.

Even though, Bjorn doesn’t underestimates his kid brother, but we last saw him defeated by Ivar.

SPOILER ALERT. We know now that he actually survived, but barely. The trailer also confirms his destiny is to join his parents in Valhalla.

Infelizmente, Bjorn morrerá mesmo


We haven’t heard of Alfred on 10 episodes, but we hear that Ivar says his destiny is to come to England and face its King. That is the likely end of the series.


The most interesting woman after Lagertha in Vikings, Gunnhild had her heart broken by womanizer Bjorn, miscarries and fights the Rus. She’s going to convince Bjorn to fight one last time. And, SPOILER ALERT she’s to sacrifice her life to go with him to Valhalla.


The greatest and last villain of the story. Close to him, Ivar is a saint. Killed one brother and literally made the other a dog. Is rude to his nephew and rightful King, Igor. Married to Katya, who looks just like Freydis, he tormented Ivar by having sex with her in front of him.

Oleg‘s deal is to use Ivar as a puppet King. They are both trying to surprise each other. SPOILER ALERT The most likely outcome is that Igor will kill him.

Ivar, the Boneless

Ivar, the Boneless

The last part of the season is about Ivar‘s doom.

Since season 4, Ivar has been taking over the story to become the lead. The final trailer opens with Ragnar‘s advice to Ivar, which to avenge every time people would underestimate him, which, for him, is everyone and all the time. And he is still bent to take over England.

His weird relationship with Hvtiserk will also be a major point to the conclusion. He says all he wants is to become the most viking of History. No matter how, we know he succeeded.

The last time we saw Ivar he beat Bjorn and is plotting against Oleg. He is attached to Igor, who he treats as his own son.

It will be hard to say goodbye to Ivar. SPOILER ALERT his death is a sure fact, although we don’t know yet how, when or by who. The cast says it’s epic. In five days we shall know. So anxious!

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