Pending questions about Vikings

The second and final part of Vikings goes on air on the 30th, in about 5 days. Getting ready for it, I still have pending questions.

  1. How old is Torvi?

We first saw her on Season 2, married to Jarl Borg. Bjorn, her third husband was still a child then, and fourth, Ubbe, a baby. Say, if Torvi was 13 years old, she could be three years older than Bjorn and about 8 years older than Ubbe. And that makes Jarl Borg a pedofile.

2. Where’s Floki?

Being buried alive after finding a Christian cross in the promised land was surprising, but so far with no real consequences to the story. Is Floki dead? Will he fulfill that hint that he is to become the Seer or was his connection with Aslaug for nothing?

3. What’s Hvitserk’s role?

His role within the Lothbrok’s brothers have always been the “smallest” one. On the final part of the story we shall know Hvitserk‘s destiny. He’s been promising to kill Ivar for far too long to actually matters.

4. Ivar‘s magical power

Ivar is a God. Period. Regardless of his disability, he walks in sand, climbs walls and now will ride a horse. All the proof we needed to confirm he is not human. The questions that remains about Ivar are:

a- Katya. Who is she? What is she up to? Does she look like Freydis or is it Ivar’s illusion.

b- Igor. Are Ivar’s paternal feelings the real deal or is he just using the boy?

c- Oleg. What is Ivar really planning?

d- Why is Ivar obsessed with Alfred? Why “now”?

5. Is Oleg aware?

Oleg often makes Ivar looks like a saint. Is Oleg on to Ivar’s plotting? Will

6. Harald‘s crown

Harald will be captive again and will help again invading England. What does he want, really?

7. Kategat‘s new King

Bjorn dies, his daughter is away and the next in line for the throne is also away. Who’s to inherit Kattegat’s realm?

8. Where is Rollo?

Rollo made a deal with his nephews (Ivar and Hivtserk) and tried to help Bjorn and Ubbe. However, when Ivar lost his crown, did Bjorn keep Kattegat’s trade with France? What happened to Rollo?

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