The link between The Crown and Diana

Jemima Goldsmith, ex-Khan, became one of Princess Diana’s closest friends in her last years. Her closeness makes Jemima one of the most reliable sources of how Diana felt and dreamed of at that time.

Coming from a noble and well-connected family in England, the producer and journalist Jemima Goldsmith has married the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imram Kahn when she was only 21 years old. In 1995, they have moved to Lahore, where spent years trying to adjust herself to a difficult cultural barrier.

Her friendship with Diana began around this time, through Jamima’s mother, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, who Diana thought of as a surrogate mother herself. Diana entered the Goldsmith’s circle at the time she officially separated from Prince Charles, in 1992, a time she was most vulnerable. Princes William and Harry were friends with Lady Annabel’s kid son, Ben Goldsmith, so they all spent time together.

The Goldsmiths

Coincidentally, it was also the period in which Diana met the man she fell desperately was in love with, the cardiologist Hasnat Khan (a distant cousin of Imran’s). Decided to marry him, Diana considered moving to Pakistan, another reason confided in Jemima to learn more about life with a muslin husband.

The relationship with Hasnat was on hold when Diana died, but wasn’t over yet. Jemima is one of the friends who claim the liaison with Dodi Al-Fayed was more a plan to provoke jealousy in Hasnat.

Jemima was at her friend’s funeral in 1997 and attended it along with her former husband. They split themselves a few years later.

Upon her return to England, Jamima started her journalistic career and also produced films. Her involvements with Hugh Grant and Russell Brand, amongst others, put her in celebrities’ circles.

Recently, Jamima was caught in a love triangle that looks a lot like an episode of The Crown, even more so because it has to do with showrunner Peter Morgan and actress Gillian Anderson, who played Margaret Thatcher in Season 4. Jemima was her friend and is now dating him.

The tabloids can’t stop wondering about the coincidence of the themes for the next two seasons to be the period in which Jemima had firsthand contact, which is Diana and Charles’ separation. Jamima can definitely provide many notes to actress Elizabeth Debicki, the next Diana in the series. Funny, though, that Jamima not only follows the series closely but also approved of Emma Corrin’s performance. So much so that she tweeted about it.

Just like Diana, whose romance with Hasnat was the base for the feature starred by Naomi Watts, Jamima’s story with her ex-husband is the plot of What’s Love Got To Do With It? already in production with Lily James and Emma Thompson, directed by Shekhar Kapur.

With The Crown and the movie expected for 2022, this looks like a busy year for Jemima.


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