A 40 years love affair with the world

On February 24th, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer and prince Charles confirmed the ongoing rumor that the heir to the British throne had finally “found the one”. Or so we all thought (as well as Diana). In any case, Feb 24th marks the anniversary of the day the world fell in love with Diana, a love affair that 40 years later is still strong.

Diana was only 18 years old when she was first noticed as Charles’ girlfriend, in July 1980. The media started chasing her instantly. She was shy, young, polite and incredibly beautiful. Not an angle seems to catch her off guard and she was the fairytale Princess the world imagined to be.

After a few months of great speculation, came this below.

It’s all classic now. The blue dress and the amazingly beautiful engagement ring that Diana picked herself. It is as well that sad and historical moment in which Charles answered they were in love, for “whatever love means”.

A blushing and yet so happy and in love Diana was all we cared to look at.

The whole story behind those days is told on the latest season of The Crown, which landed both Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor nominations for their amazing performance.

Naturaly, in July 2021 it would be another 40th anniversary, that of the Royal Wedding that stopped the world. But that’s another post…


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