The Crown Season 5 will have the revenge dress and “annus horribilis” speech

We said “see you in a bit” to The Crown Season 4, they left us on Christmas Night of 1990, with princess Diana heartbroken and already aware that her marriage to prince Charles is irretrievably broken(Charles‘ words). It was very sad and with reason. The worst is about to come in Season 5.

In the next couple of years, Diana and Charles went their separate ways, although officially together. Diana often showed her unhappiness quite publicly too. This period is the center of the upcoming movie, Spencer, just like the next season of The Crown. We’ll be able to compare the approach.

On the series we shall see a set of new faces as well. Awarded Emma CorrinOlivia Colman and Josh O’Connor will be replaced by Elizabeth Debicki (Diana), Dominic West (confirmed as Charles) and Imelda Staunton (Rainha Elizabeth II), amongst others.

Out of the many facts that surely will make the cut into Season 5 it’s the famous  annus horribilis (horrible year), and that was 1992. So much happened in those 12 months that Season 5 could stay only in it and there will not be any lack of material. It’s no wonder that even the Queen had a “nickname” for it.

Let’s make a short list of events: princess Anne divorced and remarried, Sarah Ferguson was photographed cheating on prince Andrew and they got separated as well, phone calls between Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were made public, Andrew Norton‘s biography of Diana with many juicy and intimate details came out, and Windsor Castle was partially burned. Still in 1992, Diana and Charles officially separated. And note that there was the iconic photograph of Diana alone at the Taj Mahal too. This is isn’t even the full list of events! Remember some of the pictures of that year.

But the series usually covers a decade per season, therefore in Season 5 we should also see the interview in which Charles admits his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana’s revenge black dress on that same night as well as her own bombastic interview to the BBC, her walk through the mines, her romances with Hasnat Khan and Dodi Al Fayed, and her tragic and heartbreaking death, in 1997.

Other events that are possible on the next season of The Crown are the Gold Wedding Anniversary of Elizabeth and Philip (also in 1997), Tony Blair‘s election , the Queen meeting Nelson Mandela,  Harry and William‘s life post his mom’s death, Charles and Camilla officially coming together (in 1999) as well as William meeting Kate Middleton, in 2001. It’s very likely that season 5 ends with the sad note of the deaths of two of the closest people to the Queen, her sister, princess Margaret and Queen Mother, who both passed on in 2002, the same year Elizabeth II had her Gold Jubilee.

Can hardly wait for it! Did you remember other fact that shall make the cut?


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