The night Travolta stepped in for Baryshnikov

Thanks to a TBT of actor John Travolta, his photograph dancing with Princess Diana at the White House, in 1985, is on the trend topics again.

Travolta call it a fairytale imagem, but fans know that in fact, someone else was meant to take that spin. None other than Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, who was also present since Diana confessed to Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan about a dream she had of dancing with him one day.

Baryshnikov was placed on Diana’s side on the dinner table, but as the night went on and no dancing was taking place, the Reagans found a perfect substitute: John Travolta.

The first lady approached him, discreetly, suggesting that he’d ask Diana for a dance and mission accomplished, he was up for it.

Later, Diana also danced with Clint EastwoodTom Selleck and Reagan.

Diana’s blue velvet dress became one of the most famous pieces that she ever wore, designed by Victor Edelstein and knick named The Travolta Dress. Last year, before the pandemic, the dress was put in display at Kensington Palace.

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