Spencer will show turbulent relationship between Diana and William and Harry’s nanny

Spencer is in post-production which means that we shall indeed see Kristen Stewart as princess Diana in 2021.

The movie will focus on the last years of Diana and Charles’ marriage, which is also the future lot of the new season of The Crown, also shooting this year.

With the cast of actress Marianne Graffam as Barbara Barnes, we can pretty much confirm important flashbacks in the plot. Barbara was the first nanny for both William and Harry, to whom she got really attached and became considered their surrogate mother.

Barbara, or Baba, as the boys called her, came to work for the couple by the suggestion of princess Margaret, to whom she was lady in waiting and friends. Barbara soon got attached to the princes and some say she grew possessive of them too, as writer Robert Lacey describes in the book Battle of Brothers.

Lacey also claims that Barbara spent more time with William and Harry than with their own parents, however, Diana resented it, growing jealous by the day.

Their relationship came to an abrupt end by Christmas 1986, after Barbara spent a few days off with princess Margaret in Mustique, annoying Diana. When she got back, Diana gave her the cold shoulder all Holiday and immediately fired her when they returned home. Barbara wasn’t allowed even to say goodbye to the princes, who were 4 and 2 at the time, becoming heartbroken.

Although while Diana was alive there was no contact between Barbara and the princes, prince William made sure his first nanny was in his personal wedding list, when he got married to Kate Middleton. That’s how important Barbara still is to him.

As for Spencer, not all roles are yet revealed. Jack Farthing is Charles, Olga Hellsing is Sarah Ferguson, Mathias Wolkowski is prince Edward, Oriana Gordon is Lady Sarah Chatto, Thomas Douglas is Diana’s father, Earl Spencer, Ben Plunkett-Reynolds is footman Brian Hoey, and, curiously, Amy Manson is Anne Boleyn. Odd, isn’t it?

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