Diana in Egypt: The Crown and Reality

The year 1992, the annus horribilis, marked Princess Diana‘s last in the Royal Family. With so many remarkable facts, including the Windsor Castle fire, we knew in advance that they would be part of The Crown season 5.

Elizabeth Debicki‘s images promise to be scarier than Emma Corrin as the princess. It’s frighteningly the same.

This week we confirmed that Diana’s 5-day trip to Egypt, at the invitation of the country’s first lady, will be part of an episode. According to her bodyguard at the time, when being chased by photographers, Diana would have vented that “I want to get out of this”, referring to the public life of royalty.

The recordings with the entire cast of the Netflix series continue at full throttle. The forecast is that it will be ready to go up on the platform in April 2022. By the end of the year, maybe in a few months, we may have the first teaser of the season. The 4th one featured a version of The Smiths‘ hit How Soon is Now, which fit perfectly with the soundtrack of the time and what the princess and Charles lived through.

What did you think of the two? Do they look alike?

The images of Diana in Egypt are part of a lonely sequence of the princess when with each image she passed the message that the rumors of the unhappy marriage were true. It was in that same year that the definitive biography of his life, and the narrative of the Royal Family since then, was released.

The most famous of all, made before the trip from Egypt, were those of Diana alone in front of the Taj Mahal. It was the same trip on which the princess turned her face to refuse her husband’s kiss. But that still part apparently hasn’t been recorded yet.


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