About the traps of surprise in Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves, with its weird plot and charismatic star (Travis Fimmel), has been establishing itself as the most interesting content on platforms in recent years. Addressing interesting topics such as Faith (lack and exception), Science (domain or absence), and the future, it shows an Earth destroyed by human intolerance and the attempt to populate a new and inhospitable planet.

The Mother and Father androids are more empathetic than the Humans, as they were programmed to care and love and cannot be reset. Among men, intolerance and violence prevent Peace even in a new world. Interesting, deep. Then monsters began to appear, other androids, voices… and we are bordering on the bizarre, if not ridiculous.

This week, the series seems to have thrown itself over the edge by adopting dangerous strategies that worked, for a while, in LostGame of Thrones, and The Sopranos. Does it sustain in such a simple story posing as complex as Raised by Wolves?

The complex of “killing” protagonists

These days, when important characters leave the story mid-plot, we call it the “Game Of Thrones school,” although, before them, The Sopranos left us with the same kind of insecurity that no character would ever be safe. Anyone could die unless the story’s life vest, the plot armor that protects some characters, saved them. Like Arya being stabbed in the stomach, jumping out of windows, running, swimming, and surviving to kill the Night King. Or Jon Snow being resurrected. But in general, we were nervous.

Until now, Raised By Wolves was “saving” the protagonists. Androids can be reassembled again and humans were dismissed as supporting actors. When Paul almost became the synthetic snake, we were anxious, but it was when he “sacrificed” Sue, transformed into the Tree of Knowledge in the last episode, that Raised by Wolves made a delicate decision.

One of the audience’s favorites, the character was lost, but would, in theory, be the best weapon against the villain, Marcus. Yes, Travis Fimmel is the supervillain of the story, there is nothing noble in any of his actions, words, or plans, we cannot be deceived by the sympathy that the actor presents us with a detestable man who kills, lies, and steals to give himself well. He hadn’t hesitated to sacrifice his love for Sue before, much less now. There are suspicions on the Internet that he knew he would have to have human sacrifice for the tree. He was going to turn Sue or Paul over anyway. She who accidentally volunteered before. The thing is, we lost Sue and… now what? Marcus will surely escape again, otherwise, the story is over. And where is this story going? What is really happening? The dangers multiply and cannot be explained. By “killing” Sue, we lost a possible Ripley, and honestly? A shot in the foot.

The plague of Night Walkers

The sequence of the kidnapping of Tempest’s son resembled the Night King’s inexplicable interest in Crasser’s male babies in Game of Thrones. Incidentally, the acid sea monsters are dangerously similar to the Night Walkers and as the conclusion of the Westeros saga was incredibly unsatisfactory on the subject, I would have stayed away from any being that referred to those zombies.

The bloodthirsty monsters have apparently already “stolen” Mother and Father’s children in Season 1, nearly killing even Campion. They live in craters, in water… they like flesh and blood. His blood, however, has power since it “saved” Paul from turning into a synthetic snake (does anyone else remember that a man was attacked by the same virus and abandoned in the cave?). Unless Tree/Sue starts talking (nothing would surprise me), after all, she has the knowledge, no one else knows the secret of the leeches that the doctor had discovered.

All this brings us to a question of purpose. In Lost, the survivors had to escape the Others, in Game of Thrones, families fought for Power… What’s happening in Raised By Wolves? It’s not just survival.


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