Raised By Wolves: Another genius turnaround

By now, if you are a fan, surprises are always expected in Raised by Wolves, and even if they are quick, they work. If we were devastated about Sue turning into a tree in the last episode, it was nothing compared to what turned out to be the doctor’s true destiny. Something that traumatized Paul and us, but brought Marcus back to “normal”. I haven’t even started with the spoilers yet.

The tree and the fruits

Marcus’ (Travis Fimmel) tears are still rolling this episode, almost nonstop. They were true of awareness that the Tree of Knowledge was Sue transformed. We also see that by now, Paul knows as well, but the two together take the fruits to the camp, and the boy lies, saying that they are approved. Everyone falls in and then we discover the plan: if everyone eats the fruit they will start believing and then Sol will bring Sue back. Paul tries to convince himself that this is what will happen, but we realize that Marcus just wants to know “what can happen” to whoever eats the fruit. Not that he isn’t heartbroken, but he is always practical. Naturally, he lies to Paul again, although he plants the seed of doubt: “Maybe Sol is the Darkness. Maybe Sol doesn’t care for us at all,” he says. But the worst was yet to come.

There is a general mismatch in this episode. While Paul and Marcus are at the camp, taking the fruit, Mother is flying to try to stop them from “planting” the tree but realizes she’s too late and hugs “Sue”, regretting that her friend heard the voice and turned into a plant. When Mother returns to camp, she finds everyone eating Sue’s fruit, and tries to stop them, in vain. By this time, Marcus and Paul are out of there, but Number Seven is reeling in the cage, breaking the bars and knocking Lamia down in the process. The Android suspects where the puppy is going.

Back at the tree, Paul and Marcus despair because they realize that Sue is losing her pulse and turning into a being, but she still manages to get one last radio contact with a request that shocks them: “Burn me”, she begs. No sooner have they heard this and Number Seven comes through the air, Marcus still tries to “save” Sue, but the fire that ties is low (Paul tries to stop him) and there is no time: the snake swallows the tree and transforms. into an even more powerful being. When Mother arrives, as the Necromancer, even she doesn’t have the strength to face this new enemy and is practically destroyed.

And here comes the surprise. Marcus decides to save Lamia. The two make a truce deal to attack Number Seven. The android reveals the truth to him and Paul, saying that her program fails because she sees the serpent as a baby. The only possibility is to reprogram her and the android that Father has reassembled can help. Now Marcus is back to being an atheist and on a mission. We can only hope that Lucius doesn’t show up to collect the promise made to him that he could kill his enemy.

Monsters and Androids

Campion, Father, and the others are on a mission to retrieve Tempest’s baby and have no time for fruit or rest. Along the way, they are helped by Vrille, but once again the conflict of trust between androids and humans arises to divide the group. At this point, no one doubts Campion’s passion for the robot.

This time Vrille is actually helping and they locate the newborn, who was being breastfed by the monster (who had lost its baby). Seeing the affection that the being had for the child, something she didn’t have, Tempest once again changes her mind and doesn’t want to be with her daughter anymore, but Hunter doesn’t accept it. He kills the monster and ends up with the baby in his hands once Tempest turns her back on them.

Vrille, who didn’t want to be reprogrammed, flees with Campion after her, but they are soon pursued by Number Seven. In fact, the snake’s jealousy of Campion towards Mother makes him its main target and the android helps him escape. As Campion doesn’t want to put others at risk, he avoids going back to camp, but Vrille’s flaws are vital and the android goes out in his arms, not before leaving the written data to be able to return in another body. The problem is that she will be radioactive and with the serpent on the loose, neither Campion can get help nor anyone can get to him. How to solve it?

The answers

The main doubts were answered by Grandmother: the voice is evil and controls the serpents, which have already destroyed the Planet and the Earth, and want once again to end the Humans. You have to either reverse Number Seven or kill him… the union of Mother and Marcus will be essential in this War. Who saw this drawing in the future?


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