Amanda Collin: From Danish Independent Film to World Stardom

One of the advantages to win us over in Raised by Wolves was having a cast with few easily known actors, apart from Travis Fimmel. And even for those who follow Art cinema, it would be almost impossible to recognize Amanda Collin in her impressive transformation into the android Lamia, or rather Mother.

The Danish actress has starred in some successful films in her country, including the (ultra sexist) A Horrible Woman and Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith, but it is with the series produced by Ridley Scott that he is now effectively an international star, cutting through the long and beautiful hair and taking on the androgynous look of the Necromancer. It was precisely the role of the controlling girlfriend in the 2017 comedy, A Horrible Woman, that caught the attention of the producers. Without thinking too much, she accepted to take the video test.

“To be honest, when you get a script for Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi TV show, there’s not a lot to consider about what the script is about, just read it and learn your lines,” she said in an interview. “Only after I started working on the script. It’s such an amazing and special gift in my life,” she continued.

Very discreet, Amanda was born in Denmark in 1986 but grew up in the United States, where she graduated in Business Administration, before embarking on an artistic career. After returning to her native country, she began working in theater and starring in films, soon winning an award for her debut role in 2016. Married with a daughter, Amanda likes to keep her personal life separate from social media.

With her great and growing performance in Raised by Wolves, it is to be expected that we will see more of her in American productions. The second season of the HBO Max series ends tomorrow, but the third is about to start shooting! What will Mother’s fate be?


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