WeCrashed: another series on recent scandals

We often say that reality has been more interesting than fiction and the reflection has been a wave of biographies in movies and series, whether turning historical characters into something more creative or simply unraveling the backstories of stories we didn’t fully know. Content like Dopesick, from Starplus, which I mentioned in the Correio do Estado’s column a few months ago and which won several awards for Michael Keaton. It talks about how the pharmaceutical industry has been involved with the increase in the consumption of pain medication. On Netflix, Inventing Anna retold the story of a Russian scammer (whose story will be the subject of a series on HBO Max in 2023). Starplus also recalled the scandal of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tape case, with Pam & Tommy, another topic in the column, and Dropout, with Amanda Seyfried, who is retelling the incredible and terrifying story of billionaire Elizabeth Holmes. But it’s on Apple TV Plus that Oscar winners Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto are reviving other celebrities who have fallen from grace, the couple who were behind the concept, launch and deployment of WeWork, Adam and Rebekah Neumann, in the WeCrashed series.

WeCrashed is yet another tale of young people who had a good idea to change the world, but got lost in the world of billions and fame. When Adam decided to adapt the Kibbutz’s idea of ​​community into office spaces, he ended up transforming not only the real estate market, but the world’s professional behavior. The series shows how he left Israel focused on achieving fame and fortune in the United States. After unsuccessful attempts with other businesses, he created the WeWork concept. In New York, he met his wife, Rebekah, and became a billionaire. If you didn’t follow the true story through the newspapers, by the title, you already have the spoiler of what happened to the two. So it is. The series shows how and why this happened.

But not even knowing the ending gets in the way because with a great script, rhythm and accurate acting, WeCrashed is great. Yes, even with Jared Leto‘s usual exaggerations, still affected by the House of Gucci accent, the series works because he has charisma. and also because
the series chose as its backbone to focus on Adam and Rebekah’s true love story. Together, the two found how to potentiate ambitious dreams and, in their arrogance, achieved what they wanted. More balanced than Jared, Anne Hathaway, who doesn’t often choose obnoxious or villainous roles, is very comfortable as Rebekah, a frustrated ex-actress (Gwyneth Paltrow‘s cousin) who wants recognition like her husband but lacks. of his ability with people.]

Rebekah and Adam Neummann toasted over 47 billion dollars, went from worship to the joke, but they’re still out there. WeCrashed, like Dropout, is a cautionary tale of intentions behind good ideas. Even if initially good, they are easily sidetracked and the lesson needs to be learned. In the meantime, platforms and Hollywood is thankful.


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