Tommy Shelby: no limitations

Tommy Shelby made Cillian Murphy a world star. The leader of the Peaky Blinders makes Tony Soprano look like a saint. As the final season has not yet premiered in Brazil, I will avoid citing spoilers, or at least too many of them.

Tommy confirms to those who love or hate him that he sees no limits to achieving what he wants. The series had the proposal that it was going to achieve redemption, but very typical of what made the series spectacular, we don’t see him change radically into a “good person”. He follows his family’s codes to survive, no matter the cost, and the costs are effectively too high.

Tommy is still the same man who managed to strike a deal that nearly led to his relatives being hanged, he is a devoted father to the daughter of the woman he is not in love with (but loves) but is distant from the son he had with the love of his life. This paradox is what makes him so appealing, a flawed anti-hero who may mean well, but brings pain all around him nevertheless or despite his good intentions. That is why his confrontation with Michael is so poignant. He does as he must, fully aware and heartbroken to be hurting Polly, who he admits was his soul.

In the end, Lizzie is the biggest sufferer for being around Tommy, a character with a tragic arc that breaks our hearts.

In the final season, Tommy surprises again. The video below contains spoilers, but… who doesn’t love Tommy Shelby?

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