News to the cast of The Gilded Age

Carrie Coon, Louisa Jacobson, Ben Ahlers, and Morgan Spector were at the premiere of the play The Minutes, on Broadway.

Morgan, was accompanied by his wife, actress, and director Rebecca Hall.

Meanwhile, there’s already been a low for The Gilded Age‘s second season, and a relatively major one. The Australian actor, Thomas Cocquerel, who played the dubious Mr. Tom Raikes is already out of the production. The news was confirmed a few days ago and is now official.

Tom Raikes nearly ruined the show’s young lady Marian Brook (Louisa Jacobson) by breaking her heart by exchanging her for another girl, one who is rich. However, fans suspect that Marian is unknowingly a millionaire and that this information was omitted out of malice by the lawyer.

The general imagination is more novelistic than that of the author, who put it as if Tom had really good intentions, but got lost in the futile world of New York.

“What I think is interesting about Mr. Raikes is that, for all her snobbery, Agnes saw through him. Agnes knew he had a different agenda and that in the end, he would be seduced by New York. That was exactly what Marian refused to see. So I hope there’s a lesson in there for someone that it isn’t always the sympathetic people who give the right advice”, said Julian to Deadline website.

His absence can and will surely be explained by a probable marriage and a long stay abroad, as they did at the time. However, as detestable as it was for those who followed the series, its presence was important.

The absence of Tom Raikes does not omit that there is a potential spoiler for Season 2, the return of Turner, the smart and ambitious housekeeper of the Russells, who was fired and who tried to seduce George Russell (Spector). Kelley Curran is confirmed in the cast and where Turner appears it is known that it is not good news.

The reason why Thomas Cocquerel is leaving the series has not been disclosed yet.  

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