Barry is back!

Assassin for hire, aspiring actor and psychopath “with a slightly off-kilter moral compass”, Barry Berkman is back. And it was about time!

Barry, HBO Max’s ultra dark drama comedy, has already won a well-deserved Emmy for its creator, Bill Hader. Released with only six episodes in 2018, it counts as a murderer of
rent that leaves the Midwest Region of the United States and goes to Los Angeles, with a mission to kill a person, but finds himself at home among the narcissistic actors. So, he starts taking acting classes with Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler, also awarded an Emmy). Of course, his recent past still gets in the way of his career change, and the result is a string of murders, violent, funny, dramatic and unexpected.

The intelligence of the text is the main quality of the series, with excellent interpretations of all, even if – for some – unwittingly plunged into the criminal underworld. In this third season, Barry will have to deal with the consequences of his decisions, as well as those of his complicated partners. He may try to make the right choices, but violence and death seem to be bound by his fate.

At the heart of it all is the talent of Bill Hader, who brings the killer to life. Barry is a complex man, depressed and aware of the danger of his sociopathy. The sadness that the actor transfers to his lines, as well as his repression, make the murderer a tragic character in the midst of manipulators and insensitive people. It’s a different and ultra welcome series!


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