The true love story from Somewhere in Time

The movie Somewhere in Time was a huge in 1980. Its impossible love story, with two lovers divided by time, gained cult status immediately, especially for the classic and sugary John Barry soundtrack. And recently, star Jane Seymour revealed a behind-the-scenes secret that makes the romance even more exciting. She and the actor, Christopher Reeve, really lived the story shown on the screen.

“I’m officially sharing the story that Chris and I, when we made the movie, literally fell head over heels in love,” she told the TCM Classic Film Festival audience. Emmotional, she continued. “When you watch the movie, it’s the truth, but we don’t let anyone know. We were as discreet as we could,” she explained

History, like fiction, did not have a happy ending. The actors were single when they had their romance, and Jane says it was “a fantastic experience,” but the parallel to what they were playing was impossible to avoid. According to her, the relationship came to an end suddenly and just when the two filmed the scene in which Elise and Richard are abruptly separated by time.

“I arrived to shoot and it was one of the biggest scenes, but just before Chris and I had a call, so I arrived half an hour early,” she recalled, commenting that she got the message that the actor wanted to “talk to her about something.” She wondered the urgency as they had so much time together. “It was that he was going to have a child, that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and hadn’t told him, but had made a public announcement of the fact,” Jane said.

The actress commented that she had no way to recover to record the love scene between the two, in which Elise was still very happy with Richard, barely able to hold back her tears. Christopher Reeve had a son and a daughter with Gae Exton, his partner until 1987. He died in 2004, aged 52, after a cardiac arrest. Despite the heartbreak, the two maintained their friendship and Jane named her firstborn, Kristopher, in his honor. “We remain very close, and I have to believe that one day I will see him somewhere in time”.


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