Slow Horses quickly introduces season 2 (see the trailer)

Nothing is more correct than in a series of spies that surprise settles its conclusion. There were several and maintaining the quality of the Slow Horses franchise. Ready for spoilers?

The underdogs of Jackson Lamb’s (Gary Oldman) team band together and save the day. Brilliantly (I leave the details for you to watch it how). Of course, their efficiency displeases Ingrid Tearney (Sophie Okonedo) and Diana Tarverer (Kristin Scott-Thomas), who wanted to cover up the failed MI-5 mission that put Hassan Ahmed’s (Antonio Aakeel) life at risk.

However, there are still many loose ends that – surprise! – will be at the center of the next season that is already recorded and ready! And they still call them “slow horses”?

Most exciting and interesting is the revelation, just in the final scene, for all the irony and explanation of why the brilliant Jackson Lamb is in Slough House and why he so sure hates the brilliant River Cartwright Jr (Jack Lowden).

Slow Horses is that classic spy series, smart and current. The drama of the “widowers of the cold war” gains another perspective on the true nature of the human soul and the dirty work of politics in the “name of national security”.

Next season we will have more Olivia Cooke and Jonathan Pryce, and I hope more Sophie Okonedo too. For those connected, it was fun to quote “Smiley”, from the book and movie by John Le Carré in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a character that even earned an Oscar nomination for Gary Oldman a few years ago. A great easter egg there!

The second season, announced as a gift, will only be released at the end of the year… we want more!

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