Lady Gaga signs Top Gun: Maverick theme

For those who grew up in the 80s, the bubblegum melody of Take My Breath Away still triggers us today. Only the honeyed intro and chorus beats the revival of You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling, both songs immortalized by the action classic Top Gun. The 1986 film, which made Tom Cruise one of the most important names in Hollywood history, put him in a leadership role that he keeps on and off the screen. It was to be expected that the actor would be open to returning to the role that to this day is one of his best, however, it always found the star’s resistance to make a continuation. But, 36 years later, it finally hits theaters at the end of May.

The production of the film was not more complicated than its own release, postponed twice and not exactly because of the pandemic. When it was finally settled to premiere in 2020, along came the Covid-19, which isolated people, and Tom rightfully didn’t accept that the film went to straight streaming, after all, he invested in images and sounds that only projection rooms will do justice to what he wanted to show us.

We’ll talk more about the plot in other posts, today the singer Lady Gaga released the official video for Hold My Hand, the theme song for Top Gun: Maverick. Older fans say that Berlin bummer was better. Impossible. It was a bold and wise decision for Tom, as producer, to choose a popular artist who has already won an Oscar for Best Song. Ready for the second? Who knows?

Take My Breath Away was written by the great Giorgio Moroder, Oscar-winning composer for The Midnight Express, an innovative soundtrack for its time, and made the song at the request of Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Top Gun.

Compare the two. I’m biased toward Lady Gaga‘s!


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