David Byrne chega aos 70 

He is one of the most influential and respected musicians of the last 50 years, having led the very original band Talking Heads and then embarking on an equally brilliant solo career. David Byrne turns 70 this May 14, 2022. Still innovating.

Born in Scotland and having accompanied his family when they left the country (first through Canada and then the United States) before turning 5 years old. Always connected to the Arts, from an early age he knew how to play the guitar, harmonica, accordion, and violin, but he was not accepted in the school choir because he was “out of tune”. Even so, he knew he wanted to make music and created his first band, Revelation, when he was 20 years old. It was while studying Design that he met drummer Chris Frantz and met him again in New York when his friend was already living with Tina Weymouth. Together, they formed Talking Heads.

Since their first hit, Psycho Killer, they have always been at the forefront of “conceptual rock”, with lyrics that are critical of society and videos that are not restricted to “only playing”, but true artistic manifestations. Unfortunately, egos didn’t get over the fights and they broke up in 1988. In the meantime, and since then, David has written books, directed films, written soundtracks (won an Oscar for The Last Emperor), and invested in new artists from all over the world. world in particular.

His tour, Utopia, which was a great success on Broadway, has been through Brazil before. He made a cameo in Amy Schummer‘s series Life & Beth as her doctor. Curious, no?

As a die-hard fan of David Byrne, here’s my tribute to the genius. With some of your best videos.


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