On the road with Hacks

Hacks is content for a smart female audience. Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) in her ultra venomous indifference to people’s feelings, aims to make us laugh, thus making her a heroine in reverse. Okay, our anti-hero. At 70 years old, Deborah survived and stood out in a culture dominated and led by men, without losing her femininity but sacrificing the values ​​imposed by patriarchal society for a successful woman. In other words, even a millionaire, she doesn’t have a husband and her relationship with her only daughter is rubbish. In all lines, although materially victorious, she is a “failure”. Except that she will not take it as criticism.

The interesting thing about Hacks’ intelligence is all brilliant Jean Smart‘s merit as a star. Nothing about Deborah is condescending. She’s sexy, she’s grumpy, she’s suffered, she’s funny, and in no time does her age soften the ferocity with which she fights the cultural ties that put women against women, as well as always in a position of a supporting role. To challenge a woman who is a fighter by all definitions, the series put young writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder), in Deborah’s own words, “as cruel and indifferent as she is”. A mirror separated by many generations.

In this second season, we are on a literal journey in search of reconnection. No one is spared, least of all the show’s stars, faced with all the idiocracies that make them so interesting. Trusting, letting go, and floating are Herculean challenges for women dedicated to the most complicated struggles of an oppressive culture. But here’s the interesting thing about the second season of Hacks. In terms of “action”, there is room to explore, such as Deborah’s possible comeback in Las Vegas, but for now, the characters are back to base, where they are recreating new relationships and heights for themselves. It’s fun and makes us laugh.

I love Hacks!

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