At the Queen’s party, Louis steals the show

Kids don’t have a filter and that’s why their reactions are always the best. At Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee party, it was her great-grandson Prince Louis who – in the absence of the naughty Savannah Philips at the counter – gave us the best reactions of the day.

With the decision that only the Senior Royals would be at the side of the Queen, thus preventing Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, or Meghan Markle from “stealing” the scene, the traditional event of the Royal Family was even more plastered. In this way, little Louis stole the show, giving his mother Kate Middleton a bit of trouble, who had more than once gently gotten his attention.

First, Louis wanted to be closer to his grandfather, Prince Charles, and when he was called back to the place, he frowned.

Great-grandmother tried to cheer him up by talking to him directly, but only the planes surprised him until the noise bothered him.

Therefore, in the most famous image of the celebration of the 70 years of reign, it will be Louis who will be marking the image of the Queen.

Just behind, at the windows, the naughty on-call – Savannah – had her aunt Meghan step into the loop to lovingly ask her, her sister, and cousin to be quiet. It was the first image of Meghan with the Windsors since leaving England in January 2020. Tomorrow we will have official photos. Harry was also seen backstage.

For today? Louis represents me…


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