Barry is approaching its conclusion for Season 3 and keep us guessing

Barry‘s story is fascinating: a sociopathic ex-Marine, trained to kill but discharged from the Army, becomes a hired assassin to survive, however, upon arriving in Los Angeles, he decides to become an actor. In a city dominated by heartless narcissists, the truth of his past is ignored (for some until it’s too late) and now the past is literally behind Barry, thanks to his former manager, Fuches.

Politically incorrect humor, with incredible surprises and twists, Barry was trying to leave crime, but crime won’t leave him alone. Of all the family members whose lives were impacted by the assassin’s efficiency, only one person came closest to actually achieve his revenge. Like a reverse Forrest Gump, Barry manages to escape ambushes with banal coincidences.

As I anticipated, your former teacher Gene Cousineau is already trying to save you, whether out of fear or gratitude, take your pick. Noho Hank is in captivity for going after Cristobal and he may be the fatal victim whose grave was teased in the season finale. Knowing that we will have one more, Barry is “saved”, but others are at risk.

Sarah is back to square one and looks like she might end up back in the killer’s life too. In this episode, after the fascinating motorcycle chase of the last part of the story, we travel licentiously through Barry’s guilt and emotion, meeting his victims again without knowing if he’s going to the same place as them. Not yet, apparently.

Who do you think will die in the fatal episode? My name is Cristobal, awakening in Noho Hank the desire for revenge, which will be the drug dealers’ war. Again.

Is that you? Who would you “kill”?

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