Supertramp in Hacks: The Perfect Goodbye to a Stranger

Saying goodbye to Hacks won’t be easy. As it was for Ava, it came as a shock. And then came the perfect use of one of the great hits of the 1980s: Goodbye Stranger, by the band Supertramp.

And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on

The song is part of one of the most popular albums by the English band, Breakfast in America, and talks about the lack of commitments and one-night stands. In the case of Hacks, it fits precisely because of the practicality of understanding what life goes on and that parting is part of.

Supertramp appeared in 1969, in London, at first more rock, then a striking pop sound. With two vocalists, Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies, they stood out in the 1970s, at the time of the heyday of progressive rock and strong use of keyboards, when they released Crime of the Century. The group’s biggest popularity came 5 years later, with the album Breakfast in America, which yielded 4 of the best international singles: The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Goodbye Stranger, and Take the Long Way Home.

Roger and Rick were the authors of all the songs and had met through an advertisement to form the band. From radically different origins (Rick from a working family and Roger from parents with more privileged material conditions) his musical inspirations were also distant. While Rick was focused on blues and jazz, Roger had a pop streak. The band resisted the change of several members and even Roger’s departure in 1983 to pursue a solo career.

The group left England for the United States in 1975. They became a worldwide phenomenon with the release of Breakfast in America, with three of Roger’s songs (The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, and Breakfast in America. Goodbye Stranger was another great success written by Rick. It reflected the band’s short-lived relationships on the road (although some people have tried to find another analysis, it’s that simple), of a lifestyle where there is no emotional commitment. So it was even more perfect for the finale of Hacks.

Now I believe in what you say
Is the undisputed truth
But I have to have things my own way
To keep me in my youth

Says the lyrics.

In addition to Hacks, Goodbye Stranger appears in the films Magnolia and I, Tonya, in addition to the series Supernatural, Red Band Society, and The Office, as well as in the trailer for The Morning Show .

Take the opportunity to listen it again

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