Movie about Marianne Faithfull to be released only in 2023

In 2019 actress Lucy Boynton, part of the cast of the great success that was the biopic of the band Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody was announced in a great project: the film about the English singer, actress, and poet, Marianne Faithfull.

In 2020, the actress received her own blessing, who landed next to her at Fashion Week in Paris. Then came the pandemic…

The film will be an adaptation of Marianne’s bestseller, released in 1994 and where his rise to success still continues in detail, the aristocratic teenager’s success with Mick Jagger and other scandals until he lost and had to live as a beggar on the streets before to resurrect as an artist. With a life of twists and a lot of overcoming, Marianne Faithfull’s story will yield an incredible film.

Lucy Boynton will be directed by Ian Bonhôte and the actor who will only play Mick Jagger has yet to be defined for filming to begin in 2022, two years later than expected. The film will begin shooting in the fall to be released in 2023.

Faithfull will focus on mid-1960s London, the “swingin’ London” whose muse was Marianne. During this period, she was discovered, still a student, and at the age of 17, became a pop idol almost overnight. Her tumultuous romance with Mick Jagger inspired some of her best music, but before long she found herself addicted to drugs and homeless in Soho.

For the director, Marianne’s trajectory is a topic that still has an impact on the younger generation. “Marianne is an extraordinary woman who rebelled against the male-dominated music industry,” Bonhôte said in an interview. “The film will explore women’s issues as well as the injustices she has suffered in her quest to be recognized as an artist. I am honored to collaborate with Lucy and Julia [Taylor-Stanley, producer] to shine a light on Marianne’s timeless story.”

For Lucy, who identifies with the character in some points such as being always named as “Rami Malek‘s girlfriend”, there are other important factors. “The media put her in a way that was convenient for them as the ‘girlfriend of’. They played the slightly more lewd sides of these stories or cast her as a virginal, angelic young thing. [This film] is an interesting look at how women were viewed at the time and how women are used by the media,” he said.

The actress’s preparation for the role of her career has been publicly followed, especially with the innovative look on the red carpets, which refers to the 1960s. After playing Freddie Mercury‘s ex-fiancée and best friend Mary Austin in Bohemian Rhapsody (and hanging out with Queen musicians Brian May and Roger Taylor), she remembers the moment she was personally approved by Marianne to play her. there. “[Marianne] looked me up and down as she considered, ‘Can she do this? And then he concluded, ‘Yeah, that’s fine,’ Lucy recalled in a 2022 interview.

Marianne Faithfull is someone who has constantly had her identity prescribed or narrated on her behalf,” says Boynton in the same interview. “I think she’s an extraordinary woman because she’s never been watered down by it. She is so palpably herself and has always screamed at us about who she is.”

The delay in filming almost lost the singer herself, who was hospitalized with Covid and almost died. According to Lucy, despite approving her, Marianne didn’t give any hints or hints on how to interpret her. And the actress has not yet decided whether to sing the hits like As Tears Go By and The Ballad of Lucy Jordan herself, immortalized in Marianne’s voice. But it has a playlist in loop training. “I keep practicing just in case. It’s definitely a challenge I’m excited to take on.”

And here’s my playlist to set the mood. And if you want to know more about Marianne, read my article in CLAUDIA (in Portuguese).

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