Playlist: Madonna, the first 10 years

With the likely announcement of Julia Garner to play her in the cinema, Madonna must move forward with her personal project of directing her own biopic. It will be curious, but even better will be remembering his greatest hits.

It’s always time to remake a Madonna playlist. I have more than one. The one I share today brings together the singer’s greatest hits between 1983 and 1990, the period that the film should cover.

Since coming up with Everybody in 1982, Madonna has never left the charts. However, her first top 10 was the ballad Borderline, whose video launched the singer’s style, the most striking of the 1980s, into fashion, with lace, gloves, crucifixes, and bracelets. When it exploded worldwide, with Like a Virgin, in 1984, she became an icon.

In the Material Girl video, she played Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (and backstage met Sean Penn), in one of MTV’s biggest hits. As an actress – and singer – she dominated the summer of 1985 with the hit Into The Groove, her biggest single to date and the theme for the movie Desperately Seeking Susan.

When the world couldn’t take We Are The World anymore, it was the ballad Crazy For You, from the movie Vision Quest, that put Madonna topping the world charts. And it was a romantic Madonna who released True Blue, in 1986, with Latin rhythms (La Isla Bonita) without forgetting to include controversies such as the anti-abortion song, Papa Don’t Preach.

Before Ray of Light, years later, it was the Like A Prayer album that showcased a more mature Madonna musically. On the soundtrack of the movie Dick Tracy, in 1990, she delighted fans with Vogue, which also marked her most beautiful tour: Blond Ambition.

In theory, it is only this period that will be on the screens. Really? But it’s worth starting.

Just turn up the volume.


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