Maya Rudolph laughs at the rich and reviews the meaning of life in Loot

For women, the “prize” of 20 years of marriage, and unrestricted support (personal and professional) often comes with cheating and replacing a younger one. In countless movies – dramatic or comedic – as well as series, we’ve seen a number of women like that. In real life too. But then we have Maya Rudolph, who stars in the new Apple TV Plus series Loot, which is about a 45-year-old woman who, on her birthday, discovers that her husband is in love with a 25-year-old girl. With that comes divorce and, of course, start over. Nothing new here.

Inspired by the breakup of billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates, the comedy written by Matt Hubbard (30 Rock) and Alan Yang (Master of None) hasn’t been groundbreaking in the first few episodes and is a vehicle for Maya Rudolph fans. She is Molly Novak, who is left with an $87 billion fortune after the split, but also with emptiness. One phone call changes everything. After “discovering” that she has a charitable foundation in her name, Molly begins to meddle in work, reinventing herself as a philanthropist. To the despair of the institution’s director, Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez de Pose).

Loot is cliché in every way, it just lacks a clearer villain. The rich are disconnected from reality, the poor with a heart of gold, the “right” man for Molly, and the journey of rediscovery are in the spotlight from the first second, but still, it’s fun. The intention is to satirize the corrosive effects of excessive wealth and how it distorts billionaires’ view of the world, rather than showing female evolution. Maya has the charisma to hold content without so much inspiration and the escapism is a delight.

The first three episodes are now available. Ah, Loot means… money, but from theft. It is the term used for the spoils of a loot. That is, there may still be surprises out there…

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