The definition of a phenomenon: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is distancing itself from all franchises when we discuss “phenomena”. There are huge successes, there are traditional brands, there are popular brands as well is momentary popularity. However, when it comes to phenomena, it is something unparalleled. Like Game of Thrones.

Although the group of “I didn’t see it, I don’t like it”, “I saw it and got tired of it” or even the “I never saw anything great in the franchise” has volume, the numbers are undeniable. According to IMDB, the most trusted information website about the industry, Game of Thrones is still among the 10 most-watched titles in 2022.

The series, which debuted 11 years ago, last aired in 2019. In the meantime, several fevers have taken over the market, including the Marvel and Star Wars franchise, whose new consumer behavior, straight from the studios’ platforms in real-time and worldwide, gained space. However, all of them are in production, with content in cinema, on the platform, and on video in the last 15 years. Game of Thrones hasn’t added ANYTHING new for four years. Being in the 10th position of the ranking confirms your superior status over other content, regardless of whether you are a fan or not.

The franchise, which came to TV (yes, there was no significant online distribution in 2011) with a fan base passionate about George R. R. Martin‘s best sellers with more challenges than advantages. Starting with the fantasy genre, difficult to get into the linear and considered niche. It had a few known star cast, in fact, its biggest star – Sean Bean – is killed off before season 1 ends. The series dealt with zombies, and dragons… but above all, human relationships were altered or condemned by the thirst for power.

All right, the series finale is considered one of the worst, or at the very least, controversial of all time. Although I’m not a fan of the discourse that negativity came from fans who didn’t want to say goodbye to the series, seeing it still among the most-watched so many later, makes me give this defense a little more credit. On the other hand, less than two months before the debut of House of the Dragon, the prequel that will tell a part of the history of the Targaryens, also contributes to elevating the content in the ranking.

10 – Game of Thrones

9 – The Staircase

8- Barry

7- Better Call Saul

6- First Kill (which debuted this month)

5- Ms. Marvel (also released in June)

4- Peaky Blinders (which debuted in the UK in January, but only came to Netflix in June, with the final season)

3- Obi-Wan Kenobi (released in May)

2- The Boys (last season released two weeks ago)

1- Stranger Things (the fever of the year and waiting for the second part of the season this week).

Do you agree with this ranking?


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