The Crown: new season in the year of the Platinum Jubilee

After the effect of the pandemic on the recording of so many hits, we are here counting down to Rings of Power and House of the Dragon, in a year in which we had Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Mandalorian, several Marvel spin-offs, a powerful season from Stranger Things… let’s think we’ll still have The Crown in 2022? What year.

At the time of season 4 and also in Spencer‘s recordings, I listed here several moments that should or could go into both stories. Unsurprisingly, a lot was left out of the movie, but it should make it into the series.

After covering more distant periods and therefore with less effect on the Royal Family, the story gradually approached what was once the Windsors’ nightmare: the rise and death of Princess Diana. Even today with a great behavioral influence – so much so that Prince Harry makes a point of always reminding her – 25 years after her death (which will be completed in August), she bothers.

When The Crown was released, rediscovering the Queen’s youth made her extremely popular, creating an almost Teflon effect in which no negativity towards her person remains. Equally, when Prince Charles‘ youth and his romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles gained tragic scrutiny, the couple finally seemed to leave behind the role of villains whose narrative Diana immortalized after controversial books and interviews. Everything changed again, backward, when Netflix’s series brought the princess to its heart, just at the stage when – finally – Charles approaches his reign.

Season 4 reminisced about Diana’s unhappiness in a fake marriage, pressure from the press, and a relationship doomed to fail. The worst is yet to come. The upcoming season promises a lot of headaches for the future king. All because the separation of Charles and Diana, which was marked by mutual accusations of betrayal and manipulation of the press, will be the central theme, culminating in the tragic and premature death of the princess in a car accident.

We’ll have the Queen talking about Annus Horribilis, we’ll have the revenge dress and say the BBC interview too. It’s not going to be a dull season.

Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee is out of plans for the series, which will still have one more season after the current one. Ostensibly, the showrunner, Peter Morgan, warns that the current scandals won’t make it into the series, let alone the wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle. As we know, this means that the main drama within the Royal Family – much more intense than anything already shown in the series – is out. Still, Prince Harry will be releasing his biography around the same time Season 5 premieres, and my guess is that, given the current drama, and comparing its impact, the appeal of what The Crown shows lost relevance. Do you agree?


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