Westworld’s timeline hints new clue

In the third episode of Westworld, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is back and still wants to save human lives (good!). With access to the different timelines, he knows how the story will end (only him) and that SPOILER, he will die in ALL scenarios. No clinging to him, huh?

As he’s spent years learning, we now can confirm that he is in a different timeline than the rest of the cast. Meanwhile, Maeve (Thandwine Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul), fell into Charlotte/Dolores’ (Tessa Thompson) trap, not only returning to Westworld but doing exactly what the villains anticipated. Now Caleb has been attacked by the flies and we can worry about his future!

Ah, I celebrated the “end” of the timeline cross too soon. Theories are already floating around online. Although Mave is the arm, the strategy war is still between Bernard and Dolores/Wyatt/Charlotte.

What’s your theory?


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