Learning about Dragons from House of the Dragon

In the series Game of Thrones, there were only 3 dragons. In House of the Dragon, there will be 17. Five Sundays from the premiere, we’re going to list the dragons that will become even more famous when the series premieres! Come on:

Arrax’s short life must be in one of the first battles in the series. Led by Lucerys, the fight against Vhagar, had the disadvantage of happening in the middle of a storm, reducing his chances. Vhagar tore off Arrax’s head, whose body fell into the sea. Arrax and Lucerys become the first casualties of the Dance of Dragons.

Nobody has that name without indicating what he does. With coal-black scales and green eyes, Cannibal is the largest and oldest of Dragonstone’s dragons and the fiercest, eating eggs, younger dragons, or even larger. No one dared to ride it, unsurprisingly.

After Balerion, whose carcass we saw in Game of Thrones, Caraxes – or “The Blood Wyrm”, was known as the scariest in Westeros and ridden by Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith). Because of its violent nature, the great red dragon is expected to feature prominently in House of the Dragon.

Female and purple dragon, graceful and swift, in House of the Dragon will be ridden by Helaena Targaryen, sister/wife of King Aegon II. According to the books, Dreamfyre got along better with women and Helaena has ridden her since she was 11 years old but leaves Dreamfyre after seeing her son murdered. Chained in Dragonpit, Draemfyre is smaller than other dragons.

Gray Host
It never had an “owner”, but it is still expected to appear because it will be shot down by Sunfyre.

Another female dragon, she earned the nickname “Red Queen” for her scarlet scales, horns, and copper claws and was known for her great speed, the fastest flown. Ridden by Rhaenys Velarion, participates in the Dance of the Dragons.

Young, fast, and beautiful, Moondacer is Baela Targaryen’s chosen female dragon. SPOILER, managed to defeat Sunfyre.

Another female dragon, Morning had pink scales and black horns and was one of the few to survive the civil war and remain under Targaryen control. She becomes an important uniting figure when the Dance of the Dragons finally comes to an end, but she gets stuck in Dragonpit.

Pup is linked to Princess Jaehaera Targaryen, daughter of Aegon and Helaena and one of the victims of the riot at Dragonpit. Morghul was never mounted and lived his brief life in chains.

Brave and long-lived, it was a dragon that was in Dragonstone and played a key role in the civil war.

Another female dragon that stays in Dragonstone, is one of the most difficult to ride, for its intelligence and ferocity. Brown and known for its ravages (the name gives hints), it manages to make it alive until the end of the conflict between the Targaryens.

Jaehaerys rode Shrykos and the young prince’s tragic fate promises to be a defining moment for House of the Dragon. Shryks was in Dragonpit when the attack took place and kills many people, but dies in the hands of Hobb the Hewer.

One of the oldest female dragons and one of the rarest to survive the war, she is silver, slender, and less violent. There is no assembler.

Large, fierce, and considered the most beautiful golden dragon, ridden by Aegon II. Lost an eye after a battle, lost the ability to fly. Yet it survives for many years.

Stormcloud is a young dragon linked to Aegon Targaryen III, future King, and son of Rhaenyra Targaryen. The queen tried to spare her children by sending Aegon and his brother to Pentos. It is Stormcloud that saves the prince but dies in the process. Even when Aegon III no longer flies.

Syrax, the beautiful yellow female dragon that has appeared on the posters and is ridden by Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. Syrax’s most notable achievement is producing several clutches of eggs and does not participate in battles, yet his presence commands respect from everyone. Men and Dragons.

Another female, Tessarion is Prince Daeron Targaryen‘s choice. Her cobalt and copper scales, and blue flames, set her apart and earned her the nickname Blue Queen. SPOILER, comes to a sad end after needlessly getting into the middle of a fight between Vermithor and Seasmoke.

Fearing for her life, Rhaenyra forbade Joffrey (her youngest son) from riding to war and so Tyraxes, the baby dragon, was only used for transportation purposes without ever reaching the size and size that he had potential.

Rhaenyra’s firstborn dragon Jacaerys, Vermax also comes to a sad end in the war, not living to become a full-sized dragon.

Nearly a hundred years old and bronze in color, Vermithor was the dragon of Jahaerys the Conciliator. It will be without an owner, but it will enter conflict. And it will impress.

The last dragon from the days of Aegon the Conqueror, Vhagar is huge and the oldest. Originally ridden by Visenya Targaryen during the conquest of Westeros, House of the Dragon will be linked to Prince Aemond Targaryen. One that will contribute to the tragedy of the civil war.



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House of the Dragon Premiere


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