A day to celebrate and be inspired by Nelson Mandela

July 18 would be the birthday of humanitarian leader Nelson Mandela, so since 2010, the world has celebrated his memory on that date.

In particular, the world today followed the speech of Prince Harry, independent of the Royal Family, and who spoke for himself and the memory of his mother, Princess Diana, who had impacted Mandela in life, and was with him just 6 months before his death, in 1997.

In 1997, Diana was already officially “disconnected” from the Royal Family, but every day she became more vocal about the causes she embraced.

Her brother, Earl Charles Spencer, lived in South Africa and she took a private trip to visit him, but the visit to President Mandela was recorded for the world. He admired her for her work on landmines in Angola, which helped South Africa follow suit and destroy its mines as well. Mandela also praised Diana for her work with AIDS victims, on the agenda of their meeting. “We’ve seen her sitting on the beds of AIDS patients and shaking their hands, and that has dramatically changed perceptions of AIDS,” he said.

Harry’s speech was the longest among the guests, which included Assembly President Abdulla Shahid, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, New York Mayor Eric Adams, and Guinean Foreign Minister Morissanda Kouaté.

In 2006, the Prince founded the Non-Governmental Organization, Sentebale, together with Prince Seeiso, “as a response to the needs of children and young people in Lesotho. The name means ‘don’t forget me in the Sesotho language, representing a promise to remember the most vulnerable children in the region.” The heart of the service is helping children and young people with HIV/AIDS.

In the lengthy speech, as expected, Harry referred to his mother, and children – Archie and Lilibet – and on more than one occasion, his wife, Meghan Markle, was also in the audience. And he reinforced the prince’s communicative talent, with a beautiful and balanced speech, which drew attention to the urgency of environmental issues and Madela’s inspiration, to forgive and never give up on her goals.

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