Westworld puts the hope of humanization on the shoulders of machines

We speak of a “simplification” of the plot of Westworld, without losing its depth. Nothing clearer than this statement than in the 4th episode of the short 4th season of the series. We are halfway through the adventure, and with no signs of hope. Here we will have SPOILERS and theories.

Due to body swapping and creating androids to replace humans, we kind of lose the reference if we don’t always remember the last season. As far as we know, at this point, we only have a single human survivor of the entire revolution planned in detail by Dolores/Wyatt. And it’s no longer about Caleb (Aaron Paul), the big, sad reveal of this week’s episode, but about William (Ed Harris), who’s been frozen in storage (by this point, for decades).

Unfortunately, we learn that “Human Caleb” has died and that we are dealing with his mechanical version, still in conflict with his reality. Just like Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) in Season 3, when she discovered that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) not only killed the human version of the executive but took her android body for herself. After all, as one of the directors of Delos, taking control of the business from William (Ed Harris) would not arouse suspicion of what was really going on. Bingo.

So today, with the exception of the new rebels led by Caleb’s daughter Frankie (Aurora Perrineau), we assume that ALL are androids. And let’s not forget that real Charlotte is out of the story. The one in charge is Dolores/Wyatt. We still don’t know why Dolores saved her and left Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) free to fight her and how and why the former Dolores’ body now circulates as Christina. Likewise, Teddy’s (James Marden) return is uncertain. In the current fight, neither Christina nor Teddy have a clear role. But they’ve already met.

In Charlores World (Dolores in Charlotte’s body), humans are manipulated by viruses transmitted by flies and a sound coming from a tower that gives commands whether it’s suicide or who knows what. Whoever is in full command is, well, “Charlores”. As a fan noticed on the networks, the plot, which is now in New York, without subtlety placed the tower in the former position of the Statue of Liberty, highlighting that the concept of free will no longer exists, with avatars of what people were once carrying. their days as machines with no notion of being trapped in the Matrix.

Charlores came isolating and eliminating his opponents with a devilish intelligence and coldness, I can’t remember anymore if it was Arnold or Robert Frost (Anthony Hopkins) who planned this realistic, dystopian, and terrifying narrative. Perhaps therein lies the seed of the decision to leave the only android with the same intelligence as her, Arnold, while helping humans dig up the heroine Maeve (Thandwine Newton) to somehow regain what they lost. At the moment this equation seems unsolvable, so the presence of Christine and Teddy could make a difference.

More theories are on the way!!!


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