The Gray Man: adrenaline and fun

Joe and Anthony Russo‘s signature, which was made clear in Marvel‘s Avengers, is everywhere in The Gray Man. Wonderful locations around the world, but equally a trail of destruction that would make us fear any mention of superheroes or the CIA. They solve it, but no city is left standing after a “visit”. Anyway, the brothers know how to mix action, emotion, and fun like a few others.

And from what we can see, we are witnessing the birth of a new franchise, putting Ryan Gosling in a role that draws from the lyrics with his talent: few words, sweet and cold looks, lots of fighting, and incredible images. Here he is “Six”, the most skilled CIA agent whose true identity hardly anyone knows. When sensitive information about the agency falls into his hands, he is hunted by international assassins, putting the few people he still has some affection for at risk.


We have them all.

The cast is a parade of charismatic performers, with Billy Bob Thornton, Ana de Armas, Alfre Woodward, Regé-Jean Page, (an almost unrecognizable) Wagner Moura, and Chris Evans going for the opposite side of the heroic roles that have become his signature. Yes, he is the “villain”). Based on the book The Gray Man, by Mark Greaney, the Netflix movie is a guarantee of good hours of entertainment. Even with everything predictable, the quality is undeniable, and having Ryan Gosling reminiscing about his Drive days is a delight. Just enjoy. (And pray that he never ends up in Brazil). The sequel is already a reality in the works.


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