The Only Murders in the Building: suspect list and theory

Unfortunately, we are just a few episodes away from the end of the season, in the most luxurious and criminal building in Manhattan, but far from understanding the reason for the murder of Bunny Folger (Jayne Houdyshell), the ill-tempered manager of Arconia.

In a weekly storytelling show, Only Murders in the Building holds simple arguments for long episodes, shrewdly changing our opinion of who might be the next killer. I got my hunch in season 1, and I’m coming up with a theory.

Learning from film noir: nothing is by chance

I developed a strategy that has proven successful in mystery films, coming from a film noir lesson. She has a few rules:

1- No details are shared for nothing.

2- No names mentioned are mentioned for nothing.

3- Is there a famous actor who appears and disappears?
Will return.

4-The logic applies to finding the answer

Points 1 and 2 are self-explanatory and obvious. But think, if the screenwriter took the trouble to include the information, in general, it has relevance. What they don’t usually do is rub it in our face, unless it’s too confusing.

This second season this rule is more difficult to apply but combined with the third point, I arrive at my guess at the time.

The motive for the crime, which at one point looked like ambition or revenge, points to greed. Someone really wanted an erotic picture of Charles’ father (Steve Martin), created by Rose Cooper and owned by Bunny. The work is worth millions of dollars, but the landlord didn’t want to talk about selling.

The murderer took the owner’s life, but the painting remained in Arconia, having been “planted”, like the murder weapon, in the actor’s house, and with Oliver’s (Martin Short) knife. Whoever committed the crime forcibly has an unparalleled knowledge of the building, including the secret passages, and the frightening arcades.

One of the people we know openly wanted the painting was Leonora Folger (Shirley MacLaine), Bunny’s mother. Leonora is the one who realizes that the painting located on Amy Schumer‘s penthouse is a copy. We still don’t know where the original is.

Point 3: a famous actress who appears and disappears from the scene. Suspect! Amy Schumer doesn’t count because she’s a cameo, Leonora tops my list. Obviously, she is not the person who effectively killed her daughter, we know she is a man and he has an allergy (he was sneezing).


Point 4 is to use logic. If there is only one witness, that witness could be the culprit. A better example was Kayzer Soser’s theory from The Usual Suspects. Only one character survives the massacre? Of course, he was the prime suspect. There was no other.

In Only Murders In The Building, it is more complicated because there are different witnesses at different times. It’s already established that Alice (Cara DeLevingne) is weird and fake (at least from her origins), but she didn’t kill Bunny. It was a man. Which does not exempt her from knowing and being behind the painting, as she is an artist and knows the value of a work like that.

In the latest episode, Mabel (Selena Gomez) identified the irritating and suspicious detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport), always ready to harass our podcasters.

The killer isn’t alone

Remember point 2? Oliver raises the ball that this crime is not just one person. There is a group involved. That is already an affirmative.

Have you noticed that Kreps dresses and acts like the character that made Charles a star? Well, that’s also on purpose. I think we still have one more revelation for Charles about his father’s past…

Coming back: In Season 1, Charles was dealing with depression after a painful breakup. In the 2nd, stepdaughter Lucy (Zoe Colletti) does not discreetly reappear in the actor’s life, conveniently being a witness to Bunny’s crime and walking through the arcades as an expert. The girl also told Charles that her mother remarried, and on the night of the wedding she “ran away” and hid in the Arconia, so she heard the killer (but didn’t see him).

My sum is simple: Leonora + Kreps + Emma (from Charles) + Lucy + Alice = Bunny’s murder. All of them are involved.

On the one hand, my theory is that Emma entered Charles’ life with the aim of finding the painting, leaving him when she realized that not only did her boyfriend not have it, but he didn’t even know about the work. Then she married Kreps, who, knowing everything and taking advantage of being from the police, killed Bunny and is after his fortune, plotting to let the podcasters pay for the duck.

I still haven’t decided if Lucy is in on the scheme helping to manipulate Charles and move around the building or if she’s being used by the couple. But we are dealing with yet another heartbreak for the actor.

Leonora and Lucy also know more than they reveal. Whether they’re involved with Krep (hiring him) or not, I’ll wait until the first episode.

We already know the killer, but that’s my theory.

And yours?

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