The new version of Dangerous Liaisons on Starz (see teaser)

The Starz platform has one of the best content available, with its original series of great quality. After the British Queens and just about to embark on the French Court, with The Serpent Queen, we already have the teaser of the new adaptation of the novel Dangerous Liaisons. It premieres in November.

I posted about the production in June 2021. The new production will not exactly be a remake of the classic, but rather an approach to the origin of how its iconic characters, the Marquise de Merteuil and the Viscount de Valmont, met and fell in love at a young age, on the eve of the French Revolution. In the book, in the play and in the 1988 film, the relationship is only alluded to, however, their view of the past puts them on a collision course in the future.

With the proposal to bring “a modern vision of a classic story”, the series will show beauty and degradation, seduction and deception of a decadent Paris. As the synopsis describes, the young couple depend on their skills of seduction and manipulation to survive amidst the corrupt and hypocritical French nobility.

Alice Englert and Nicholas Denton are Camille (in pre-Marquise de Merteuil days, a freedom from the original) and Pascal Valmont. We will have new characters, such as the current Marquise de Merteuil (Lesley Manville), with whom Camille will learn to navigate a world of men; a friend, ally and courageous Victoire (Kosar Ali) and noble Jacqueline de Montrachet (Carice Van Houten) with a pious soul and a mysterious connection to Camille.

On the side of Valmont, who will fight to regain the title of Viscount, which was recently taken from him, we will have Nathanael Saleh, who plays Azolan, a kind and attentive young companion of the young seducer.

We’ll also meet Camille’s future husband, the Marquis de Merteuil, Jean, played by Michael McElhatton (Game of Thrones).

Kate Winslet‘s daughter, actress Mia Threapleton, will play young prostitute Rose, who dreams of a better life.

As the story takes place in Marie Antoinette’s court, we will have characters that revolve around the Queen. His favorite composer, Chevalier de Saint-Jacques, will be Valmont’s best friend.

Interesting, right?

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