Westworld becomes “crazyworld” and ends season 4

I repeat that previous post warrant: my opinion will not be popular. After devoting years of attention to content that promised interesting questions, Westworld stayed in the park at Crazyworld, in the old trap of “subverting expectations” and throwing any sense out the window. What started with the questioning of artificial intelligence, its use, and the evil of the human soul has turned into the “destruction of the world by corrupted souls”. Something like that. Honestly? Whatever. It was very boring to follow. An episode prophetically baptized as Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be) was not a good sign either. I will speak with spoilers.

An issue, hinted at the first two seasons, that the human obsession with eternal life, was completely lost. The answer is that it always gives errors on machines, no matter the number of versions. Even Caleb (Aaron Paul), who came closer to being what he was when living, had his number 279 failing just like the others.

William (Ed Harris), never made a recovery arc, sometimes I wonder if they had forcibly put the white hat on him if he had any chance. But no, he is powerful and contaminating, whether it’s a guest or a human version. A villain only for the sake of being evil to others. A flat arc, predictable, and at this point unbearable. Waste of Ed Harris on screen.

“You’re as broken as the man you killed,” explains Charlores (Tessa Thompson) – almost awakening in us the answer, Don’t say it? And here I was thinking after three seasons of being pure evil to the point he killed his own daughter that the human version was a good person. It gets worse. It’s William Guest who comes with even more basic – “William’s pathetic human body is rotting, but he hasn’t died. His impulses live on,” he says. For a second I feared that once again William would survive, but apparently, they gave us that hope and that he didn’t. “I am a better William than he ever was. William didn’t die, he evolved”, he adds. There are controversies about this thought but a deep relief we are done with human-William.

Characters who played a role, like Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) became the prototype for The Terminator. There was no doubt of her fate and no meaning whatsoever of why she was ever brought back.

Chalores/Charlotte/Wyatt (Tessa Thompson) had a less constant arc, an ambitious and corrupt human turned into a guest in crisis in the second, to return as the ultra manipulative and invincible in the 4th. Oh, yes, and going on the “heroine” side as well when opposing William. Again. Why didn’t you kill him and destroy his copies? These incongruous decisions that only serve as a plot twist make you sleepy. “I created you for my own code, together we would conquer the world”, she justifies without convincing us as to why she’d ever given him that benefit of the doubt. William was never worthy, like, ever.

Do you know what’s worse? She questions William Host’s goal of total extinction. For someone who was bored and killing the few surviving humans with flies and violence, how dare Charlores deride a transparent and “honest” goal? “Bernard and Dolores wanted freedom,” William compares (thanks! another meaningful goal!). “You wanted more, transcendence. You are playing the wrong game.” I never thought William would represent us!

And the casualties of this mistake by Charlores, surprised who miscalculated (“this was not the world I created”, another controversial argument) were effectively the characters infinitely more interesting than her: Caleb, Arnold (Jeffrey Wright), and Maeve ( Thandiwe Newton), which were cut from the narrative and the series felt it. Worse, from what has been suggested, they are possibly out of an unfortunate and likely final season.

In that scenario, another underuse was Dolores/Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) whose tearful season with an unexplained Teddy (James Marsden) was also wasted time. She is the hope to create a “better world” since she is the one who defines the narratives. With the “victory” of Charlores, Christina announces that we will have “an end game, with more dangers”. The worst news of the year.

If it weren’t for the Ramin Djawadi-inspired soundtrack, with yet another Radiohead cover at the conclusion (this time, Pyramid Song) I swear I would have screamed. With so many HBO Max cancellations in this messy Discovery merger, it seems to me that Westworld doesn’t need a new opportunity. Game over. Please!

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