And Just Like That: What We Know About Season 2

I posted here the news every day more likely that, this time yes, Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) returns to the world of his ex-fiancée, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica-Parker). As we noted in the second film in the franchise, the affair between the two was never 100% resolved, even after Carrie cheated with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) many times while they were still together. But time goes by, Aidan got married, had kids and who knows now that his ex is widowed they’ve hit the spot? You won’t have the ungrateful competition with Big this time.

This is one of the many doubts of the second part of the And Just Like That series, which had a lukewarm reception and characters disconnected from current culture. Although intelligent and living in NYC, three of them are digitally illiterate and are adept at endless embarrassment because of this “aging”. It didn’t please any particular generation.

Big’s death left a Carrie lost, only in the final episode seeming to have woken up to a second phase of the romance. What showrunner Michael Patrick King promises is that one of his goals for the new season is to bring friends together on the same track, “so they don’t ‘stay so much on separate catwalks’,” he said.

It seems to me a little because the choices they made – in a complicated real world – as I would normally depart. That’s because, as it happened, time somehow created paradoxes. The full-blooded Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is relentless with Steve in the film, because after a while of no sex he ended up jumping the fence one time, spent the season of And Just Like That badmouthing her husband, and blatantly cheating on him throughout city, including at her bedridden best friend’s apartment. If it were not so, a brilliant lawyer would find himself making racists or attracting everyone’s attention by the degree of alcohol consumption. Her romance with Che (Sara Ramirez) didn’t come under the genre judgment, but rather because Miranda humiliated and deceived Steve, rather than settling and resolving the separation issue BEFORE creating pain for all sides.

Carrie Bradshaw also got complicated. Without a Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) around, it’s clear that while she’s had a column, written and become a sex expert, she’s suddenly become shy and almost repressive, especially awkward talking about the topic on her podcast. And it was widowhood that had none of that. From modern to conservative…

Charlotte Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) has always been a clueless prude, and her part of the story – dealing with her biological daughter’s gender doubts – would have potential, but the whole story of bringing racial diversity into her social circle also bordered on racism.

Carrie and Charlotte are now closer in terms of challenges, but Miranda has set herself well apart from her friends. Without Samantha, the union between them is indeed a challenge. The main of the second season.

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